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    Tentative Budget - December 2022

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    January Budget Work

    • FY24Adopted Operating Budget 
    • FY24 Capital Budget 
    • FY24 January Budget Hearing Presentation 1.24.23
    • FY24 Full Budget - Draft

    FY24 Budget Book 

    FY24 School Committee Goals

    1.   Work collaboratively with our member towns, to allocate resources for both the near‐term and long‐term financial health of the District including the pursuit of correction that maintains educational quality and supports our mission, vision, core values, and strategic initiatives.

    2.   Utilize the facilities index report of the Essex Elementary School, Middle School, and High School buildings and propose a timeline for pursuing renovation/repair of Essex Elementary School.

    3.   Partner with our students, families, faculty, and staff in pursuit of our strategic initiative to nurture an inclusive and diverse school culture that recognizes the contributions and uniqueness of all individuals.

    4. Advance academic excellence by ensuring implementation of, and developing community support for, the district Strategic Plan, including strategies for authentic learning and SEL integration.