Rules and Regulations for MERSD Building Facility Rental

    All requests for the use of the MERSD school buildings are subject to M.G.L Ch. 71 as amended, the policies of the Manchester Essex Regional School District and the following rules and regulations. 

    1. Requests for the use of rental space must be made on SchoolDude via the Facilities Rental page on www.mersd.org.  

    1. Smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages within any areas of the school building or on school grounds is strictly prohibited. 

    1. Food or non-alcoholic drinks are permitted only in the cafeteria and may not be present in any other rented facilities, including athletic fields. 

    1. If refreshments are sold or offered, no foods containing nut products may be brought into any school due to the risk of direct or secondary contact with students with nut allergies. 

    1. Decorations are permitted only if they do not cause damage to the property. Nothing may be taped, tacked, stapled or nailed to the wall, ceiling or floor. 

    1. Proper foot apparel shall be required on gymnasium floors. 

    1. Climbing walls may not be used without express written permission and proper supervision. 

    1. The requestor shall assume responsibility for any damage to school property which may result from their use of the property. 

    1. Applicants are limited to using only those areas specified in the BUILDING USE CONTRACT with the exception of restrooms. If the requestor or their group is found in another area, they will be charged for the fees associated with that area. 

    1. Groups requesting permission to utilize school facilities or field are responsible for reviewing their proposed activity with other agencies, such as the police and fire departments, before a contract is issued to determine if any requirement exists for personnel from these agencies to be in attendance during the scheduled event. 

    1. Only employees of the Manchester Essex School District may control the heat, or operate any equipment, including audio/visual technology, computers and kitchen equipment. 

    1. Manchester Essex Regional School District reserves the right to reject or cancel any REQUEST for the use of the school building and to rescind a contract on any date when a building is required for school purposes.

    2. Custodians on site are authorized to enforce any building use regulation and to ensure safety on the premises at all times. 

    3. If a school is closed due to a snow day or other emergency, all activities and events will be canceled and rescheduled. If unable to reschedule, all fees will be refunded. 
    4. All educational and non-academic programs, activities, and employment opportunities in the Manchester Essex Regional School District are offered without regard to race, color, sex, religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, disability and any other class or characteristic protected by the law.