DESE Grant Award! Investigating History

Posted by Heather Leonard on 1/11/2024

MERSD is excited to share that we were awarded a competitive grant from DESE to support the field test of Investigating History Curriculum. We received a total award of $23,730 that covers teacher professional development, substitutes, print student and teacher curriculum resources, and internal costs for field test of the curriculum. The Investigating History curriculum field test is being done in concert with our district-wide history/social science curriculum review process K-12. Through the grant we have also created a network of districts (Reading, Wakefield, Watertown, and Hamilton/Wenham) to build professional learning communities, allowing teachers to share their experiences and practices.

The Investigating History curriculum is designed to allow our students to deeply engage in exploration to understand more broad perspectives about our world and historical events in a culturally responsive manner. The nature of this inquiry-based curriculum supports our teacher’s efforts to engage our students in authentic learning experiences and raise the bar for rigorous learning in history and social sciences. Our teacher’s efforts to facilitate this learning are to be commended, and the discussion and engagement coming out of our field test classrooms are powerful experiences for our students.

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