What does the Director of Curriculum do?

Posted by Heather Leonard on 9/12/2023

I am excited to be joining MERSD as the Director of Curriculum and Instructional Technology. I will be working through the steps of my ENTRY PLAN as I get to know the school district, Essex, and Manchester communities. The community survey is still open, and I am happy to set up meetings to hear more from you in-person.

What does the Director of Curriculum do anyway?

When we use the word “curriculum” we mean far more than just textbooks. Curriculum includes all aspects of student learning experiences. Curriculum in schools includes pacing, assessment, curricular materials, and instructional methodology, all of which align to our MA State Frameworks. The work supported by the Curriculum office will ensure vertical and horizontal alignment, provide high quality professional learning opportunities, and facilitate collaborative teams that are responsive to our student needs and research in the field.