8.16 Update

Posted by Amy LeJeune on 8/16/2023

PFAs results were received for the remaining components (infill and shock pad) on Friday, 8/11, with no PFAs detected. Test results were shared with the Conservation Commission and will be posted to the MERSD project web site. With testing complete, site work began on Monday, 8/14, including removal of the old turf and infill.  Base work (i.e., grading) for the surface below the turf carpet is the next step in the project, and is scheduled to begin on Thursday, 8/17.   

Sprinturf has updated the project schedule, which now shows an estimated completion date for Hyland field on Tuesday, September 5th, extending the timeline by one week. This new schedule is attached.The new schedule continues to keep Brook Street open for use until Hyland is complete.  At this point, Sprinturf still maintains that it can achieve the contractual 9/30 completion date for Brook Street. Based on this, the athletics department believes that it can manage any impact on practices and games using Brook Street field.

Please see updated schedule HERE.