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Why are we building a new school? What options were considered?

The School Building Committee explored complete renovation, renovation + addition, and rebuilding options, as the MSBA requires us to do so. The MSBA asks that a district’s educational program (curriculum and instruction) drive building design. In the case of Manchester Memorial School, several issues make renovation a poor solution. First, wood framing and roof decks would have to be pulled down and rebuilt on the existing footprint. Other areas would have to be renovated to meet 2018 seismic, ADA, and other building codes. The communities would essentially be building a new building, on the existing footprint, without providing the students and teachers with the needed additional space to deliver the educational program.  Renovation would also require students to leave the building for modular classrooms while work is performed. 




Project Cost:   $36M   

Reimbursement:  $0

Cost to District: $36M

§   No MSBA reimbursement - doesn’t meet educational program needs

§   Same floor plan – lower efficiency

§   No increased classroom space - Classrooms would remain below guidelines

§   risk of unknowns with renovation;

§   significant code compliance costs



Renovation / Addition

Project Cost:  $56M  

Reimbursement : $14M

Cost to District: $42M


§   Higher cost compared to new building

§   Risk of unknowns with renovation

§   Significant code compliance and

§   Costly structural upgrades/retrofits for retained building components


New Build

Project Cost:   $52 M

Reimbursement:  $12M

Cost to District: $40 M


§   Meets MSBA requirements and current educational space guidelines

§   A 50-year solution

§   Meets the educational program

§   Has sufficient space for school population and flex space for growth

§   More energy efficient; more secure

§   Compliant with all State and Federal laws

§   Provides Community Access Space

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