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Who are the members of the School Building Committee?  





Caroline Weld (Co-chair and School Committee)

Annie Cameron (Co-chair and School Committee)

Pam Beaudoin (Superintendent)

Andy Oldemann (MBTS Fin Comm)

Lisa O’Donnell (Essex BOS)

Avi Urbas, Business Manager

Gordon Brewster

Jake Foster

John Willis (Manchester Memorial Principal)

Remko Brueker

Charlie Hay

Jay Pagliarulo

Sarah Creighton

Alva Ingaharro


George Scharfe

Maggie Tomailo (MMES teacher)


Adam Zaiger

Tyler Virden



The Building Committee is also working with an Owner’s Project Manager, Dore and Whittier, architects JCJ, and a construction manager, WT Rich.

The SBC is required by the MSBA to be made up of town representatives with backgrounds from construction, architecture, landscape and education as well as the town administrator (municipal school districts), the district superintendent of schools, a school committee member, the school principal, district schools' facility management director, at least one teacher from the school, a member of the finance committee or local budget official, and a representative from an office authorized by law to construct school buildings. Manchester and Essex residents will serve on the committee.