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Manchester Essex Students Display Excellence at State DECA Conference

Principal Julie Sgroi and DECA Advisor Barrett Alston wish to share the success of Manchester Essex Regional High School students at the 66th Annual Massachusetts DECA State Career Development Conference earlier this month.

The conference, held in Boston on March 7-9, was attended by more than 3,800 students who are studying in areas such as business, finance, marketing, and hospitality. More than 200 businesspeople evaluated student role plays, case studies and presentations.

Ten Manchester Essex students were crowned as state champions, earning a spot in the DECA International Career Development Conference on April 27-30 in Anaheim, CA:

  • Finnian O'Hara, Business Finance Individual Series

  • Erik Bischoff and Adam MacLeod, Automotive Services Marketing Individual Series

  • Avabella Mitrano, Community Awareness Project Management

  • Mackay Brooks and Sienna Crocker, Caelie Patrick and Celia Mann, Ava Fritsch and Olivia Kent, Hospitality Services Team Decision Making

The following students were named state finalists: Gwen Berger, Finn Birkeland, Harper Brooks, Ella Chafe, Gabbi D'Andrea, Troy Flood, Charlie Lations, Jack McCavanagh, Stephen Ross, Charlie Rubens, Matteo Sarmanian, Lily Stefanovich, and Jake Zschau. These students may be qualified for the international competition at a later date.

Five students were recognized for having the best exam results or role plays: Ava Fritsch, Liv Kent, Adam MacLeod, Caelie Patrick, and Lily Stefanovich. MacLeod was honored in both categories.

“Our students had an awesome performance,” Alston said "Congratulations to all students who competed as they displayed their acquisition of skills and knowledge that will shape them as future entrepreneurs and leaders."

Superintendent Pam Beaudoin and Principal Sgroi wish to thank Advisor Alston and all DECA sponsors for their guidance and continued support.


From left, Mackay Brooks and Sienna Crocker, Caelie Patrick and Celia Mann, Ava Fritsch and Olivia Kent, State Champions in Hospitality Services Team Decision-Making

Finnian O'Hara, State Champion, Business Finance Individual Series

Avabella Mitrano, State Champion, Community Awareness Project Management

Erik Bischoff and Adam MacLeod, State Champions, Automotive Services Marketing Individual Series