Guide for Parents/Guardians

    The following document should help caregivers better understand the placement process that will take place this Spring. The goal of this process is to make data-based decisions regarding the placement of children.The integrity of this process is very important to the professionals who work with your children each day to provide equity to all students at MMES.Thank you, in advance, for your part in supporting this process and helping to maintain its integrity.


    1. Teachers will fill out a detailed placement card for each student with performance and behavior data (reading/math performance, behavior, learning style, talents, special needs, etc.)
    2. Parents are given the opportunity to describe, from their perspective, their child’s individual learning profile by submitting a letter to the principal. Letters will be screened by the administrative assistant as they arrive, and letters describing or requesting individual teachers will be returned to be re-submitted.


    1. The placement team will meet on multiple occasions to review student data cards and parent input letters. They will begin to create preliminary classroom groupings for the principal to review.
    2. The placement team will strive to ensure:
      1. Students are placed in learning cohorts. Groups of 3-4 students at similar mathematics/reading levels will be placed together.This will ensure that all students will have peer models in their classroom to work with throughout the school year.
      2. Appropriate parent input will be taken into consideration when students are placed.
      3. Every attempt will be made to separate children who are not a good match.
      4. Every attempt will be made to balance behavior tendencies, gender, and academic performance level.
      5. All classrooms are heterogeneously grouped for maximum student learning and social skill development.
      6. All classrooms are equitable regarding learning and social needs/services.


    1. The principal will review preliminary class lists and meet (as needed) with the placement team to make revisions. The principal makes the final decision regarding placement.
    2. Student assignments will be mailed home mid-August.

    Placement Flow Chart