• Welcome to Essex Elementary School! Our learning community seeks to build a strong sense of belonging and community within a safe school environment, essential for active and empowered learning. We strive to keep students at the center of our decision-making.


    EES Vision

    The vision of our school is aligned with the rich history of this wonderful coastal community known for its former role as a center for shipbuilding. 

    Schools, by their very nature, can be training grounds for strengthening critical social skills, honing appreciation and acceptance of each other, and weaving connections among us that have the potential to be long-lasting. As a learning community, we need to take the time to build and model our own face-to-face relationships. Whether greeting someone new at pick-up or introducing yourself at a school gathering, our own adult network of connections supports the social tendrils our children are exploring. Our own acceptance, welcome, and encouragement of each other are under scrutiny by our youth.

    Open communication is the bedrock of strong, positive relationships. Weekly school newsletters, emails and phone calls from your child's teacher, and dedicated conference times are just a few ways used to ensure we remain on this shared learning journey together. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or feedback.  You can reach me at Sheila McAdams.  We are looking forward to participating in this adventure with you and your child.


    Sheila McAdams, Principal